Deluxe DIY at Home Workshops

PRICED INDIVIDUALLY – or – SPECIAL OFFER – $475 for set of 4 

Anybody else looking forward to getting outside in the garden?
Well, to get you in the spirit of things while we are all in lockdown (again), here is a whole new set of DIY at HOME WORKSHOPS.
The idea is – you pick up all of your materials on Friday or Saturday, & then follow along Elaine’s “How to Videos”  (if you’ve been watching these – you will know that they are down-to-earth informative & rather entertaining to boot !) 
We’ve lined up 2 sets – this one, listed here – we are calling DELUXE DIY – because the project takes  a little more finesse – and also we are featuring all of our best containers ! Hence the price is a little higher ($125+ or $475 for a set of 4 – you pick which 4 you want)
Our other set  – MINI DIY WORKSHOPS (so called as they are quick to put together and are $75 each or $225 for set of 4) 

ANYWAY – it is our little way of bringing forth a bit of joy ! Jump on our videos alone – or get a few friends on Zoom together & make it like a Virtual Garden Party!

succulent globe

Spring Basket Wreath

$125- or … $475 for set of 4

Pick Up April 23

We are in love with these hand-woven twig & vine wreath baskets !
You’ll line the “basket” or “pouch” with pretty natural sheet moss & then plant it up with the season’s best – pansies, ivy & annuals straight from the greenhouse !
Perfect on your door to welcome you home !
Let us know if you are in a shade or sun !
$125 includes: the twig & vine wreath basket, liner, moss & all the plants
– along with our instructional video.

Stone Woven Pot Floral Arrangment

$145 – or… $475 for set of 4

Pick up July 9/10

Here’s a great Garden Floral idea !
Jump on Elaine’s video & she will walk your through how to create this drop-dead-gorgeous floral arrangement ! Set in a hand-crafted stone woven planter (the original antique from England) – it will grace your dining room – or even fab on your coffee table !
After the fresh cut flowers tire – plant it up with geranium & ivy for a wonderful patio table centrepiece to enjoy all summer long!

$145 includes: the English Reproduction stone planter, liner, oasis, cut flowers & a bit of moss – along with our instructional video

succulent globe

Summer Garden Posie Basket

with Gorgeous Summer Flowers

$135 – or… $475 for set of 4

Pick up July 16/17

LOVE this French Wire Basket ! First you will line it with sheet moss & insert the glass liner. Next Elaine will guide you through her “Posie Technique” where you make individual hand-tied tiny bouquets (using waxed string). It’s a cool design ! After the flowers tire – you can make it a weekly treat to purchase our hand-tied bouquets (you’ll need the $65 one) as a refill. Or… plant it up with ferns & ivy or pretty annuals for a potted plant look ! 

$135 includes: the French Wire Basket, moss, glass liner, waxed string & all the gorgeous fresh cut flowers! – along with our instructional video. 


succulent globe

Worth Repeating – Dried Peony Dome

So Fabulous You’ll Be Making Two !!

$155 – or… $475 for set of 4

Pickup June 11/12

You’ll be working with fresh cut peonies – set into two hand-crafted French Reproduction Stone Urns – in a special way to allow the peonies to dry naturally ! Did you know that they can keep their intoxicating scent for well beyond a year – even two if you are lucky! The trick is to build the two together so that they match ! & we tuck a bit of moss here & there to offer that “Designer Look” 

$135 includes: Two French Reproduction Stone Urns, moss, oasis, & all the wonderful peonies of ‘course ! – along with our instructional video.

succulent globe

Lavender, Peony & Rose Hedge

$175 – or… $475 for set of 4

Pick Up June 18/19

Have you ever dreamt about visiting the glorious chateaus with their magnificent gardens in the Loire Valley in France ? Well ! We can’t take you there just yet – but we can show you how to create a 17th century style french hedge ! Designed to dry – the lavender, larkspur, roses & peonies are layered in rows in a window box shaped container – to create a French Everlasting arrangement.

$175 includes: the window box container, oasis, moss, & all the flowers – along with our instructional video.

succulent globe

Succulent Dome – In Dampo De Fiori Terra Cotta Bowl

$175 – or… $475 for set of 4

Pick Up Date – TBA 

By now you must know that we are having a love affair with Campo de Fiori – it’s a total crush !
You’ll plant up way too many succulents into this amazing aged terra cotta “bowl-shaped” garden pot. Looks amazing on an outdoor table or on the edge of a garden walkway.

$175 includes: the Campo de Fiori pot, all the succulents, river pebbles & moss – along with our instructional video.

succulent globe

Rustic Obelisk Planter

$195 – or… $475 for set of 4

Pick Up June 4/5

You are going to have to figure out how to get this one home ! it’s tall ! You’ll be planting up an amazing Campo de Fiori terra cotta pot with luscious annuals, ivy & other climbers (think morning glory, clematis or even plumbago). Set the metal obelisk into the arrangement and gently weave the climbers around the obelisk to encourage them !
$195 includes: the Campo de Fiori pot, metal obelisk, river pebbles, the plants & moss – along with our instructional video.
succulent globe

Peony & Herb Wreath

(Part of our Blossom & Brunch Series) $125

Pick Up June 11/12

UPSTAIRS AT 13 (should Covid Restrictions allow – otherwise it is a DIY at home with a lovely Boxed Continental Breakfast from 13 LOCAL FOOD & BEVERAGE)
First up – you’ll be making a wonderful little hand-tied bouquet! Next Elaine will help you along to weave peonies, lavender & other herbs into a hand-crafted twig & grapevine wreath (by video if we are still in Lockdown – heaven forbid !)
$125 includes: Wreath Base – all the flowers, & light brunch – – along with our instructional video should we need.