DIY Videos

DIY Mixed Willow Wreath Kit

$75 Curbside pickup – includes grapevine base & bundles of Birch, Pussy Willow, Fan-tailed Willow, & Curly Willow. Premade also available $85

Here’s A Tour !

Take a screen shot and email us if you see something that turns your crank.

Fun With Florist Frogs !

These Floristry Tools are a great assist to arranging flowers – use less flowers / but get a maximum look ! The frogs are also great to hold make-up brushes, pens and much more.

Hand-tied Bouquets $35 !

Hand-tied Bouquets $35 – each week we offer our beautiful hand-tied bouquets set in a vintage mason jar. DM to place your order for the weekend pick up.

Forcing Branches

During the winter … how to force branches into early blossom ! It’s easy! 

Tools of the Trade

Great tools are essential ! Just as a Carpenter or a Chef ! 

DIY With Bulbs

A little something to cheer you during lockdown. Curbside pickup $35